How To Engage Customers Who Engage With Your Facebook Videos

How To Retarget Customers Who Engage With Your Facebook Videos

Convert Facebook Views Step 1

Step 1:

Open Facebook Business Manager, Select a Business Account, Then Click the “Audiences” Tab on the left hand side of your screen.

Convert Facebook Views Step 2

Step 2:

Hit the “Create Audience” button, and then choose Custom Audience.

Convert Facebook Views Step 3

Step 3:

Under “Use Facebook sources” Choose “Video”. This can be done for any other Facebook sources, for example, You can create an audience for customers who visited your website to like your page.

Convert Facebook Views Step 4

Step 4:

Choose a content type, we recommend choosing people who at least watched 25% of your video. The More the percentage the less the audience.

Then enter the number of days you’d like people to remain in your audience. For Example, if you choose 30 days, this audience will only contain people who’ve watched your videos in the past 30 days.

Give your audience a name.

Step 5:

Create a Campaign, choose Conversions, and in your Adset , scroll down to custom audiences, and choose the audience you just created. Finally, finish setting up your Adset & Ad then publish your campaign.

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